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Policy Manual

The Section Policy Manual was first adopted as an official Mid-Michigan SAE document at the May 20, 1996 Governing Board meeting. It is intended to be a living document and serve as a reference for Section operations, policies, and procedures.

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May 20, 1996Table of Contents

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Advertising Rates, Sponsorship Rates, Ticket Pricing 3

Alcoholic Beverage Policy 3

Complimentary Tickets

Honors Convocation and Luncheon at SAE Congress 4

Section events 4

Expense Reimbursement Policy

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Section Officers Leadership Seminar 5

Prayer at Section Events 5

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Expense Report Form 1

Advertising Rates, Sponsorship Rates, Ticket Pricing

The current Section advertising rates, sponsorship rates, and ticket prices are as follows.

Date current prices were adopted by the Governing Board: April 15, 1996

Ticket Prices Per Person

single meeting - member $12.00

single meeting - student $6.00

single meeting - non-member $22.00

season ticket booklet (5 meetings) $50.00

Members Only Night $7.00

Recognition Night $17.50

Golf Outing $30.00

Synchronizer Advertising Rates

single issue - half page $175.00

single issue - full page $300.00

seven issues (full year) - half page $1,050.00

seven issues (full year) - full page $1,800.00

Sponsorship Rates

technical dinner meeting or special event - partial $500.00

technical dinner meeting or special event - full $900.00

Members Only Night $500.00

Ticket Printing Sponsor $500.00

golf outing - one hole $300.00

golf outing - two holes $550.00

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

At the April 3, 1995 Section Governing Board meeting the following policy was adopted regarding alcoholic beverages at Section events.

"Beginning with the 1995-1996 Section Year, there will be no Section sponsored alcohol at technical meetings, social functions, Governing Board and Executive Committee meetings."

This policy was adopted in response to a memo issued by John Casker, Manager - Section Relations Division, SAE International dated September 1, 1993 regarding "host liquor liability." This 1993 memo stated: "Hosting drinks from the section treasury puts SAE International and the section in jeopardy as SAE's insurance is very specific concerning host liquor liability. Therefore, all section activities where alcohol is served must be at the individual member's expense."

Given this policy, there are two acceptable ways to serve alcohol to members at Section events. First, members may purchase alcoholic beverages through a cash bar. Second, members may obtain alcoholic beverages at a (non-SAE) vendor sponsored open bar. In the latter case, it should be confirmed in writing with the vendor that their sponsorship money is being used to fund alcoholic beverages.

Since adopting the policy, the Section has been conducting meetings with a cash bar for alcoholic beverages and made all non-alcoholic beverages available to event ticket holders at no additional cost.

Complimentary Tickets

Honors Convocation and Luncheon at SAE Congress

The Section Chair or someone designated by the Section Chair will coordinate a Section sponsored table at the SAE International Congress Honors Convocation and Luncheon each year. Mid-Michigan SAE will pay for the tickets of those attending the event. The Honors Convocation and Luncheon has historically been held on Tuesday of Congress week. Congress is usually at the end of February or the beginning of March each year at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. Mid-Michigan SAE members receiving awards at the event and thus gratis tickets from SAE International should first be invited to sit at the Section sponsored table. Next current Section Executive Committee members should be invited to attend. If there are still seats available at the table, then other members of the Section Governing Board should be invited at the discretion of the Section Chair. If there are an unusually large number of award recipients attending from the Section, then a second Section sponsored table may be necessary. Note that historically there have been 10 seats at each table. Also note that Louis Bur has historically received a gratis ticket so he can attend and be part of the presentation of the award named after him.

Section events

The following people shall receive the indicated number of complimentary tickets to Section events:

Speaker 2

Meeting Sponsor (partial or full) 2

Individual Meeting Arrangements Chair 1

Individual Meeting Program Chair 1

Golf Outing Sponsor 2 per sponsored hole

student SAE members on "Student Night" 1

On "Family Night" tickets will be provided for the speaker, his/her spouse, and all their children who wish to attend.

The General Program Chair, General Arrangements Chair, and Special Activities Chair are not eligible to receive complimentary tickets to meetings or events which fall under their area of responsibility. Complimentary tickets are offered to individual meeting program and arrangements chairs as an incentive to get non-governing board members more involved in the Section.

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Section expenses

Section members who incurred expenses on behalf of the Mid-Michigan Section will be reimbursed by the Section Treasurer if an appropriate expense report is submitted along with all applicable receipts. The expense report can be submitted on a standard form as in the appendix of this policy manual or in the form of a memo to the Section Treasurer. An expense report submitted on the non-standard form shall contain the following information: the name, complete mailing address, and phone number of the person submitting the expense report, the total reimbursable amount, a description of all the expenses, receipts for all expenses, and the date.

Section Officers Leadership Seminar

Every year the SAE Sections Board holds a Section Officers Leadership Seminar (SOLS) for incoming Section officers. Mid-Michigan SAE has made it a practice to send the incoming Section Chair and Section Vice-Chair to SOLS. SAE International reimburses one representative from each Section for all SOLS related expenses, including transportation, meals, lodging, etc. Mid-Michigan Section will reimburse SOLS related expenses for the second participant from the Section upon that participant submitting an expense report to the Section Treasurer. The Section bears the cost of any SOLS registration fees for the attending officers. Note that expenses for partner's programs offered at SOLS are not reimbursable.

Prayer at Section Events

At the October 10, 1994 Section Governing Board meeting the following prayer was adopted to be read prior to meals at all Section events. Per the original motion, this prayer is the only one to be used at Section events until such time as further action by the Governing Board changes this policy.

"Let us take this brief moment before our meal to thank God and ask for God's blessing:

Almighty and Gracious God

We give thanks

for all created things

for the resources of the earth

for the gift of human life.

We give thanks

for the continuing work of creation and our share in it

for the creative vision and inventive skill you have placed in our minds and hearts.

We ask that You bless us gathered here, and our families

And we ask Your blessing on the meal we are about to receive from Your bounty.


The Section Chair, General Program Chair, or Meeting Program Chair should recruit a volunteer to read the prayer before meals at Section events.

Smoking Policy

Section events are to be non-smoking.

Smoking will only be allowed in the areas of the meeting facility designated as smoking areas and which are not being used by Mid-Michigan SAE.


Section Investment Strategy/Philosophy

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Financial Position Review

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Governing Board Decision Making

The following motion was approved by a vote of the Section Governing Board on October 12, 1992.

Matters of Section investment, (Capital/Other Expenses) per budget line item 2230 in excess of $100.00, and all pricing policy issues must be brought to the attention of the Section Executive Committee (EC) for discussion with a follow-up vote by the Section Governing Board (GB) at the GB meeting following that EC meeting.

Mid-Michigan Section - SAE

Expense Report Form

Submitted by:

Street Address:

City: State: Zip:

Total Expense this report: $_______.___

Attach all receipts.

Expense Description

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Item: Amount: $_______.____

Other Description/Purpose:

Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________

Submit to: Section Treasurer Check #:

Mid-Michigan SAE

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