Wind Turbine Project

Speaker: Dr. David Benson , Kettering University
Program Chair: Mark Pope
NOVEMBER 1, 2010
Kettering University – Flint, MI

An overview of the student research opportunities and the future directions for Kettering’s Wind Turbine Facility will be presented along with an assessment of the potential for and issues facing small-scale wind power systems.

Speaker: Dr. David Benson Assistant Professor, Kettering University

Dr. David Benson joined Kettering in the Summer of 2006. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University in 2004 and was a post-doctoral researcher in Solar Magneto-Convection just prior to coming to Kettering. His main teaching responsibilities are in the Thermo- Fluids area and his engineering research focus is on active and passive control methods for mixed-compression inlets. Dr. Benson just completed a summer faculty fellowship at the United States Air Force Academy where he did both experimental and computational research on micro-ramp flow control.

Dr. Benson is also very interested in engineering education research and classroom material development. The purchase and installation of a small- scale, architecturally-mounted wind turbine last Fall for Kettering was the beginning of an effort to develop a hands-on laboratory for students as well as a platform for developing interdisciplinary efforts related to power generation and power management.

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