The Building of Performance Vehicles

Speaker: Mike Copeland
Program Chair: Mark Pope
APRIL 25, 2011
Lingenfelter Collection, Brighton, Mich

The Lingenfelter Collection includes over 150 vehicles that make up one of the greatest car collections in the United States. Join us for a tour of the Lingenfelter private museum, where you will see some of the finest Corvettes, Muscle Cars, and Exotics, including the Bugatti Veyron super car. Our Host, Mike Copeland, will give a presentation on the construction of one-off specialty vehicles. Ken Lingenfelter’s custom 1955 Chevrolet pickup (built by Mike) will be the presentation display vehicle. It will be on a hoist to display chassis features and allow total inspection of the vehicle.
The guided tour of the museum will follow and will include information on the various vehicles encountered during the tour. Seating at this event will be limited, so be prepared for a considerable amount of standing.

Mike Copeland is the Operations Manager of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering in Michigan. Mike spent more than 25 years engineering and building performance and show related vehicles at General Motors. These vehicles include the Hot Rod Magazine Solstice, Reggie Jackson’s LSX powered 69 Camaro, and Popular Hot Rodding’s 1957Chevy Project “X” to name a few. Mike’s last position at General Motors was Project Manager, GM Performance Division. Mike is also CEO of Diversified Creations, a performance and off-road business in Brighton, Michigan. He has authored technical articles for several top automotive performance magazines.

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