Factory Drag Racing: Mustang Cobra Jet Winning, Then and Now

Speaker: Jesse Kershaw, Ford Racing
Program Chair: Bill Owen
September 29, 2014
Watson Engineering, 18703 Toledo Rd, Brownstown Township, Michigan

5:30 PM Social Hour
5:30 PM Tour & Buffet Dinner
7:00 PM Program

One of drag racing’s winningest factory programs of the 1960’s was the Mustang Cobra Jet. In an era where the big 3 took their showroom battle to drag strips across the country, a win on Sunday resulted in sales on Monday. These factory battles provided marketing value and trickle down engineering that helped create the iconic muscle cars we worship today.
In 2008, Ford revisited those roots and introduced a modern version of the Mustang Cobra Jet. This presentation will provide a fact-filled and light-hearted walk through the how, why, and what of the modern day Cobra Jet program.
A panel of Ford Racing employees and industry experts will cover the following topics:

  • Historical context of the original 1968 Cobra Jet program and how it is still relevant today.
  • The modern hurdles transforming a production car into a race car
  • Trickle down engineering and how racing improves the brand
  • The modern context of drag racing and how it promotes vehicle sales
  • Market competition
  • The future of production drag racing

This presentation is a must for any drag racing fan, especially those familiar with NHRA Stock and Super Stock!
Jesse Kershaw, Ford’s Drag Racing Parts and Competition manager will manage the presentation. For more information:
Presentation to take place at Watson Engineering, supplier and assembly source for the Cobra Jet and Boss 302S Mustang. For more information:
Take the Watson tour, meet the race teams, and hear the Cobra Jet story.

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