Wind Turbine Project

Speaker: Dr. David Benson , Kettering University
Program Chair: Mark Pope
NOVEMBER 1, 2010
Kettering University – Flint, MI

An overview of the student research opportunities and the future directions for Kettering’s Wind Turbine Facility will be presented along with an assessment of the potential for and issues facing small-scale wind power systems.

Speaker: Dr. David Benson Assistant Professor, Kettering University

Dr. David Benson joined Kettering in the Summer of 2006. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University in 2004 and was a post-doctoral researcher in Solar Magneto-Convection just prior to coming to Kettering. His main teaching responsibilities are in the Thermo- Fluids area and his engineering research focus is on active and passive control methods for mixed-compression inlets. Dr. Benson just completed a summer faculty fellowship at the United States Air Force Academy where he did both experimental and computational research on micro-ramp flow control.

Dr. Benson is also very interested in engineering education research and classroom material development. The purchase and installation of a small- scale, architecturally-mounted wind turbine last Fall for Kettering was the beginning of an effort to develop a hands-on laboratory for students as well as a platform for developing interdisciplinary efforts related to power generation and power management.


PHEV Charge Coupler and Cordset Practices

Speaker: Gery Kissel
Program Chair: Mark Pope
OCTOBER 7, 2010
Zehnder’s Frankenmuth – Frankenmuth, MI

SAE J1772 is the recommended practive for the general physical, electrical, functions, and performance requirements to facilitate conductive charging of EV/PHEV vehicles in North America. This standard defines a common EV/PHEV and supply equipment vehicle conductive charging method including operational requirements and the functional dimensional requirements for the vehicle inlet and mating connector. Gery Kissel is the author of this document and his presentation will review what J1772 is, its importance, and continuing work.

Speaker: Gery J. Kissel Engineering Specialist, Global Battery Systems Engineering

Gery has BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and MS degree in Engineering Science from Purdue University. In his current position, he is the General Motors Charging Systems Lead Engineer for Codes, Standards, and Infrastructure. He has been the GM High and Intermedadiate Voltage Subject Matter Expert for the past five years. In the past, Gery worked on the GM EV1, Precept Hybrid, and Sequel Fuel Cell. In SAE he is the Task Force Lead for J1772, Task Force Co-Lead for SAE J2894 (Vehicle On-Board Charger Power Quality), Task Force Lead for SAE 1776 (Recommended Practive for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Systems Crash Integrity Testing). He is also a member of the SAE Fuel Cell Standards Committee, Fuel Cell Safety Workshop, and SAE Hybrid Standards Committee.


Chevrolet Fuel Cell Vehicle

Speaker: Carlos Franca , GM Manager of Propulsion Systems Lab
SEPTEMBER 13, 2010
Baker College Technology Center – Bristol Rd, Flint

The Chevrolet Fuel Cell Vehicle represents a significant departure from conventional vehicles. Project Driveway is the world’s first large-scale market test of fuel cell electric vehicles. Chevrolet is placing more than 100 vehicles with celebrities, policymakers, media, businesses, and members of the general public free of charge to gain real world experience and data

Speaker: Carlos Franca Manager Milford Proving

Grounds Building 42-B GM Research and Development

Franca joined General Motors in 1976 as a Technician working for Advanced Engineering Staff (AES) in the emissions chassis dynamometer. From AES he moved on to the Project center, Current Product Engineering, Portfolio Development Center and was transferred to R&D with the GMT101X Chevrolet Fuel Cell Vehicle. He was responsible to deploy all Chevrolet Fuel Cell Vehicles on the road today and now is the Resident Manager for R&D Building 42-B at the Milford Proving Grounds. He still has responsibility for the Fuel Cell within Southeast Michigan.

He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Lawrence Institue of Technology. Carlos has been involved in auto racing for many years and he currently drives a Formula Continental in SCCA National Series.


Tutorial on Plug-In Hybrids

Speaker: Dr. James E. Gover
Program Chair: Mark Pope
April 20, 2009
Kettering University – Flint

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