Human Interface for a GM Extended Range Electric Vehicle

Eugenie Abboud and Danielle Cory accept plaques from Mark Pope
Cadillac’s dramatic luxury coupe with extended-range electric vehicle technology. (08/17/2011)

Speakers: Danielle Cory/Eugenie Abboud
Program Chair: Mark Pope
MARCH 19, 2012
Room S128, Baker College Technology Center
Bristol Rd, Flint

“A Comprehensive Overview of the Human Interface for GM’s Extended Range Electric Vehicle”

Speakers: Danielle Cory and Eugenie Abboud: Global Design

An Extended Range Electric vehicle like the Chevrolet Volt brings a wealth of new features since it is capable of driving on battery alone, has a range extending engine, and has a high voltage battery pack that can be recharged by plugging into wall power. The customer is able to interact with the vehicle’s plug-in charging system through mobile applications. Along with all these new features is the challenge of designing a driver interface to provide important information to the customer. Danielle Cory and Genie Abboud will present “An Overview of the Human Interface for Extended Range Electric Vehicles.”

The overview will describe the unique human interface features added to this unique vehicle architecture, and will include some additional specifics related to the hardware used for display and software used to provide the information. Danielle and Genie began working on the concept of designing the human interface controls for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt before any actual vehicle or hardware existed. They both continue to work on enhancing the customer experience for the Volt, as well as the other current and future Alternative Propulsion Vehicles for GM.

Danielle holds a BSME from Kettering University and a MSA from Central Michigan University. She has held various posi- tions for GM. She has been working in Hybrid/Alternative Propulsion Controls Integration since 2007 in the role of Technical Specialist of the Human Interface Product Development Team.

Genie holds a BSEE from Wayne State University and is currently working on a Master Degree in Engineering Management. She has been working in the Hybrid Alternative Propulsion Controls Area since 2007 as a Controls Design Engineer for Propulsion Interface before Transitioning to her current role in the Human Interface Product Development Team.

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