A Materials Engineer in the White House – An Inside Look

Speaker: Dr. Jack Simon
Program Chair: Susan Manyen/Mark Pope
OCTOBER 6, 2011
Zehnder’s, Frankenmuth
AFS/SAE/ASM Joint Meeting

Presented by Dr. Jack Simon, FASM
Dr. Jack Simon experienced his own version of “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” when he was selected as an SAE White House Fellow and worked in the White House Science Office under Presidents Reagan and Bush 1. During this service, Dr. Simon was in the “hot seat” to block a foreign sale of U.S. aerospace technology as the lead witness before Congressional hearings.
He also represented the U.S. at the first United Nations meeting on Global Climate Change.
Dr. Simon suddenly had to leap from his automotive and foundry roots to create a five year master plan for superconductivity research when President Reagan’s science advisor resigned.
Based on these experiences and a long record of public service, Dr. Simon will offer a frank discussion on the role politics plays in science and technology decisions that affect our country. BIO:
Dr. Jack Simon is an old friend of the Saginaw Valley ASM and AFS Chapters, having been Chief Metallurgist at two of GM’s Saginaw foundries and Manufacturing General Superintendent at GM’s foundry in Tonawanda, NY. In reviewing Jack’s diverse professional accomplishments, the theme of collaboration connects a career that spans industry and government, research in cast iron and alternative energy materials, and stretches from the Saginaw Valley to Europe and Asia. Since 1999, Dr. Simon has run a consulting business, Technology Access Incorporated,
specializing in developing research partnerships between industry and government. He has been honored by many technical societies and has served as Vice Chair of the Detroit SAE Section and President of ASM.
Welcome home, Jack!

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