Cyber Truck Challenge

Connecting next generation talent with the heavy duty industry to keep vehicles secure.

Speakers: Dr. Jeremy Daily and Karl Heimer
Date: Nov. 9, 2020
Location: via Zoom

CyberTruck Challenge Mission

Help develop the next generation workforce by bringing awareness, excitement, professional involvement, and practicum based training to the heavy vehicle cyber domain.

Help establish a community of interest for heavy vehicle cybersecurity that transcends individual companies or departments and reaches across disciplines and organizations to make a more universal and experienced base of engineers and managers.

The class of 2019 at the CyberTruck Challenge

Dr. Jeremy Daily

Associate Professor of Systems Engineering

Dr. Jeremy Daily

Jeremy Daily served as an Assistant and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tulsa (TU) from 2006-2019.

In 2019, Dr. Daily accepted a position as an Associate Professor of Systems Engineering at Colorado State University where he continues to work on heavy vehicle cybersecurity and forensics.

Jeremy Daily and Karl Heimer co-founded the CyberTruck Challenge in 2017. Dr. Daily serves as a director for the CyberTruck Challenge non-profit organization and actively recruits students to participate in this unique opportunity.

In 2013, Dr. Daily started a technology company, Synercon Technologies, LLC, that has developed a data extraction tool for heavy vehicle event data recorder information. Law enforcement and crash reconstruction professionals all over the US and Canada use the Synercon Technologies systems for reconstructing crashes involving heavy vehicles. Synercon Technologies was acquired by DG Technologies in 2018.

Karl Heimer

Senior Technical Advisory , Michigan Economic Development Corporation & Founder and Partner, AutoImmune

Karl Heimer_photo
Karl Heiner

Karl Heimer is the senior technical advisor for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, as well as the founder and partner of AutoImmune. Heimer has been on both the attack and defense side of “cyber” with roles on red teams, cyber forensics, and basic research.  Heimer was the manager for several technical projects creating secure mobile solutions for both Department of Defense and the consumer market. In 2011, Heimer joined Battelle to examine and develop new growth areas and founded its Center for Advanced Vehicle Environments to focus cyber-security practices on the modern car environment. In 2014, Heimer also founded AutoImmune to exclusively address the cyber-security challenge in the automotive space.

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